R K Raghavan थू थ, P C Sharma थू थू

साधो, क्या आपका सीबीआई एक भूतपूर्व डायरेक्टर आर के राघवन और आर सी शर्मा  के मुंह पर थूकने को दिल नहीं करता? ये वो दो बेईमान अधिकारी हैं जिन्होंने अपने सीबीआई के कार्यकाल के दौरान रुचिका गेहरोत्रा के अपराधी राठौर के ऊपर सिर्फ छेड़खानी के मामले की सिफारिश की . टाइम्स आफ इंडिया की इस खबर को पढोये

Why couldn’t top officers like R R Singh, then DGP of Haryana, and J K Duggal, then home secretary, get an FIR registered on Ruchika’s complaints in those three years that she lived after her molestation in 1990? There is something seriously wrong with a system where even the recommendations of such top officers could not set the law in motion.

How is it that even when it was headed by reputed officers like R K Raghavan and P C Sharma, CBI was so vulnerable to Rathore’s pressure that it shielded him from the abetment of suicide charge?

After the trial court framed the abetment of suicide charge despite CBI’s opposition, how could the Punjab and Haryana High Court and Supreme Court set aside that decision? Besides, how could the apex court uphold Rathore’s petition challenging the HC-ordered probe into Ashu’s complaint of being framed in theft cases?

Former CBI joint director R M Singh now says his attempts to charge Rathore with abetment of suicide were thwarted. Surely, such revelations expose the rot within. The system killed Ruchika. One way of redeeming itself would be to set up the independent watchdog bodies prescribed by the Supreme Court in 2006 to reform policing. But, are our rulers shamed enough by the Ruchika scandal to loosen their much-abused hold over the police?

सुरेश चन्द्र गुप्ता कहते हैं–

उनकी तरक्क्की पर देश है शर्मसार

लेकिन क्या इन बेशर्मों को भी शर्म आयेगी?

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